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Fabio's Blog

Hidden Memories

Hidden Memories is my first supernatural horror story about a gifted girl, haunted by some malign entity, who is helped by a psychiatrist blessed and cursed with the same gift

Holiday Readings 2021

During the week of vacation I have just spent in Sardinia, I read five books

My Grandfather Used to Know How to Fly

Here is the story of a man who claimed he was able to fly in his youth and then he forgot how to do it as he grew up: My Grandfather Used to Know How to Fly

Almost five years ago I released a song with the same name

Diary of a Hospitalization

I wrote my new story Diary of a Hospitalization with an Orwellian-inspired society in mind. It is a story of loneliness and profound grief, of addiction and haunting ghosts

I had previously expressed some of the ideas shared by the protagonist about society in my song Outcast

The Von Neumann Link

My newest story is called The Von Neumann Link and it revolves around a science-fictional technology I humbly dedicate to the memory of John von Neumann. It is also a story about pandemics and the consequences of lockdowns on people's mental health

My Requiem

I wrote a weird tale called My Requiem

Here are a couple of songs of mine that might do well as a soundtrack:

7 Novellas for 7 Days of Holiday

During my summer holiday in Mykonos, Greece, I read and reviewed seven horror novellas

Son and Father

I wrote a weird tale about a “Son and Father”, based on the lyrics of my song with the same title.

Fabio V The Toilet

I have been planning to start a blog for years, accumulating writings of different sorts waiting to be published. The occasion came a few days ago when I read a post on Patreon by Sadie Hartmann (aka Mother Horror) – of whom I am a big fan and proud supporter! – titled Janine Pipe Will Kill You for $1!

Extremely intrigued, I immediately started supporting Janine who, after contacting me to find out what my worst fear is, killed me in an ironic and lovely disgusting way: she clearly knows what anxiety is and how to render it in words!

I am deeply glad to inaugurate my blog by publishing the story she wrote for me: Fabio V The Toilet